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Testimonials About Anne Dee the Acclaimed Animal and Horse Psychic

Dear Anne,

Thanks for all your help, he was so much more relaxed today and so well behaved when he was taken out in hand, he was a little star. The physio said she couldn’t believe how stiff and tense his back was, she gave him a good release and it was definitely apparent that the problem down his leg came from his back. We are booked in for another session next Tuesday and hopefully he should be on the way to recovery in the next 3 weeks. I will definitely be checking out his shoes and will be ordering some of the Argent Nit immediately. Sorry for getting a little upset on the phone, it was a release of all the worry and stress over the past few weeks!! I am so glad that I found you and I know that Jim is too!!

Thanks Liz & Jimmy x

Thanks Anne

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your time this afternoon, as you know I was very sceptical about the whole thing, but after hearing you talk to Alis like that and her to you it has left me absolutely amazed, I have no idea how you do it, but now don’t really need to know either as I have seen it with my own eyes/ears that it really does work. How you knew so much about her is truly a gift and at times I felt very emotional hearing what she had to say, I only have a few regrets that I was not more forthcoming in reassuring her that she is very very special to me and I love her to bits and she certainly will be with me till the end of her life, you do think that she realizes this .I also wanted to get the information off you for the medicines that you recommended and also just to clarify that when I try her again in the trailer should it be without the partition or with it or in a wagon?, sorry to have to ask you this but by the end my brain was a little fuzzy in disbelief. I do hope that you didn’t think that I was being distant, I was just in shock.

Thank you again Anne and I will let you know how we get on and also will be in touch with you again for another consultation at some point. I have recommended you to everyone at the yard and some of them may be giving you a call.


I would just like to thank you for the telephone consultation I had with you on Tuesday night. It has helped me a great deal as Henri and I have been so through so much over the past 4 months. Henri went lame in November and has been in and out of the dick vets in Edinburgh getting every test under the sun but they still didn't know what was making him lame I was then advised by friends to have him put down because he would never be right but I couldn't bring myself to do it because Henri so was so happy in himself so I made to decision to move him to a new yard with the thought that I would retire him but since we moved he has not been lame and I have been able to start riding him again it has been a great weight off my shoulders to know that Henri is no longer in pain and he is happy to be ridden again.

Kind regards Evelyn

I Would Just Like To Thank You

Hiya Anne....hope you and mum are well. the big horse is coming along well, but it's going to be a long haul. I had reiki done on her as well...plus lotsa tlc n good food’s took your advice and have been giving her a special liver and kidney supplement that I got via the internet, from America. she id obviously feeling loads better cos when she goes out for her wee wander now, it’s a hop, skip n jump. she even jumped out the arena as we all stood with our mouths wide open.

 please pop in any time you are in the area as we are always delighted to see you and mum....

lotsa love n hugs, margaret,wullie n gang xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rescued Pony

Hi Anne

I just thought I'd let you have an update on Harley Murphy, whom you met with in July last year Murphy is thriving and in good form. But it was Harley that we asked you, specifically to see After your consultation, and having got over the initial shock of how much pain you said he was in, we consulted an Osteopath. She was able to alleviate his symptoms slightly, but he started to go down-hill quite rapidly. We sent him to the vets to have numerous tests and scans, and we shocked to discover that he had a severe form of Kissing Spine - even though we'd had his back checked a year before. So bad, that the Vets didn't hold out much hope - they said we would never be able to break him in or ride in - the pain was coming from, not only the saddle, but movement itself.

 We decided the best thing would be to retire him, and having had the okay from the vets that he wouldn't suffer as we weren't working him, we turned him out. After only a few days, he was a happy, bouncy little boy, who has the sparkle back in his eye. I've never seen him so chirpy.

 So thank you from the bottom of our hearts as we would never have got him where he is today if you hadn't of come all the way down to Kent to visit us. If you're ever this way again, please come and visit. 

Nicky & Keeley xxx

Thank you very much