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Testimonials About Anne Dee the Acclaimed Animal and Horse Psychic

Last month my horse spoke to Anne and told her what was hurting. He hadn't been working as his normal self for 4-6weeks. This horse has had a long term back problem so I thought the worst and rang Anne, she said it was the lower left side of his mouth, get the vet and he'll be fine. Vet came the next day and sure enough there was the problem! Horse is now totally back to normal, Thank You!

Billy Back To Normal

I would like to thank you for all your kind words when you came to visit us. It made me have much more of an understanding for Megan and I felt much closer to her you were amazingly accurate. I gave her a supplement for her arthritis and it did help but unfortunately Megan became very lame and the vet discovered she had a massive tumour on her pelvis, although very hard I had to make the very difficult decision to put her to rest as there was no cure. You told me she calls me her 'sunshine girl' and I think about that everyday. Thanks a million

Jo and Megan Amazingly Accurate

Hi Anne Thanks for all the continued support you have shown to both Kai and me. I have had both an animal (dog) and personal consultation with Anne and she has been spot on with both, she never fails to contact me if I am worried about anything and really is just such a nice person. Hopefully everything you have told me will come true and I can still have my boy next year. Ill keep you informed of how we are both doing. Thanks and lots of love Dawn x


Hi Anne, I wanted to email you and thank you for coming to our yard and speaking to my mare , Tara. You had no previous info about mine or the other horses and your comments were very accurate. I felt sure that Tara had been mistreated by people who had failed to understand her nature and thought she was being badly behaved. Your consultation confirmed this. There was not a dry eye as all the other owners heard you tell Tara's story.

 They could also see that you were describing her to a tee. Some of the language Tara used included special phrases that I use when I speak to her and you had no way of knowing any of these. Although I am open minded I was sceptical as were some of the other owners, however we were all proved wrong. I would also like to add that none of us are desperate owners who have horses with problems and as such would believe anything we were told. As I said previously , I told you nothing about my horse and you recounted her fears and history with great accuracy. I no most of Tara's history except for the first year of her life and a period of a few months when she was passed from home to home by owners who never gave her a chance to settle.

 I always suspected that this was when she had been mistreated. Tara spoke of a time when she was sent away for schooling ( and mistreated ) that I was unaware of. After you left I phoned the owner I bought her from ( where she WAS loved and treated well for 7 mths) she confirmed that prior to her buying Tara she was sent to Cheshire and returned in a poor state. The kindness pours from Tara's eyes, she has not a bad bone in her body. She is the most forgiving horse in the world. How any so-called horse person could see her as "bad" is beyond me. Unfortunately people see this big, black mare and think that they can manage her as she should be a plod.

 Once they realise that she has a mind of her own ( most mares do !) they hit her for making mistakes which are only a result of a patchy education. Unfortunately horses of Tara's size are often seen as a "man's" horse. Then when they don’t understand her , they resort to beating her for their own lack of skill and empathy ! I am so happy that my girl now understands that she will always stay with me. Even if I can no longer ride she will NEVER leave me.

 She is such a special girl and I am so privileged to be her mum. Thank you so much, Pauline & Tara xxx

Not A Dry Eye Over Tara's Story

Hey Anne, You spoke with my horse Ted on Wednesday night and recommended a number of herbal remedies that would help his anxiousness and help relieve his stress and improve confidence. You also mention lavender oil for his back - I wonder if you could email me the names of the remedies that you suggested and the suggestions for using them, as want to get them ASAP for teed.

 Jut wee update, after you speaking to Ted on Wednesday night, the physio came on Thursday and identified all the areas which he told you where sore esp. on his right hand side and back, we also got the saddle checked and it was to quote the saddle fitter "a terrible fit", take note we had originally had it fitted to Ted by a master saddler!!!! The saddle fitter told us the saddle would have been rubbing his spine and rocking from side to side, all things that he told you. So Ted has been measured for a new saddle - but we have to wait 4 weeks so just be lunging him until then as the saddle fitter told us under no circumstances to jump as it would be so sore for him. We also got the farrier to get gel pads on his front shoes.

 So Ted had a very busy Thursday with all his appointments, but he honestly acted like he knew we helping him and he whole mood seems to have uplifted and he generally looks happier. Thank you so much for your help, it was unbelievable the way he reacted and the information that he told you. I must of admit I was a bit wary about it all at the start but would of tried anything to help him as we were at a loss, but after seeing how Ted reacted to your voice and the information that he told you which there was no way you could of guessed - I am totally convinced if not a bit in shock at the tiem about it all. Thank you so much again for all your help, so glad you helped him as we were at a loss of how to help him.

 If you could just let me know about those herbal remedies, thanks Wendy  

At A Loss Until Anne Helped