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Testimonials About Anne Dee the Acclaimed Animal and Horse Psychic

Dear Anne, Thank you so much from me and William, yesterday was fantastic. Once I came off the phone I let him and Ben stay on the yard as there's lots of grass to eat (bit of a treat) but they just frolicked for ages like a pair of foals, they really were jumping for joy. I have been telling everyone about the call, even my very sceptical neighbour who tends to be a whips and spurs type. Lots of people laugh and tell me I'm bonkers but I honestly do not care. Only William matters (and Ben of course) and he seems so much more relaxed. I wanted to ask if you do regular contacts with horses you have spoken with?, it seems to me to be such a logical thing to do. Whilst I can use my experience and instinct to try and guess what is going on your gift is truly amazing and it seems sensible to give William a chance to have his say on a regular basis even if it’s to tell me off!!!! I will get some photos taken that are digital then I can send some. Good news is that my instructor Natalie thinks it is fantastic and is really interested and believes entirely in your gift which is also going to help us, I have a lesson tonight so will see how it goes. Thanks again, Liz and William xxxxxx

My William - Huge Thanks

Thank you very much for talking with Callie the other day - the change in her has been wonderful to observe and we feel so much closer. ALL THAT INFORMATION VIA A MOBILE! She is more relaxed and I am taking her home next weekend, as promised. You were totally accurate in the information you gave about her and my other horse Button, who sadly died very recently. In fact the other day after we spoke, Callie circled beside the gate in her field waiting for me and showing a sore leg which she had just hurt exactly what you told her to do if she needed to tell me something for me to fix. I have told all my friends about you and they are getting together to arrange a visit to them and I would like you to meet Callie and my other horse Buzzy too. Many thanks Linda 13 December 07

Callie and Button

As the goose bumps run up my spine and I watched in awe as my mare snorted and cocked her ear to the phone, I watched and listened in amazement at the story my young mare had to tell. It opened me up so much to her and gave me a level of understanding I could never have achieved without Anne's help. The mare and I have a different relationship now and although she is fundamentally the same horse, I feel that she too has a better understanding of me and my expectations of her. Thank you so much Anne, as I am sure people doubt your gift and it is truly a gift. 

Thank you for sharing it with Oakie and me. Kind regards Siobhan Gersbach NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA DECEMBER 07


Hi Anne, Thanks for your prompt reply. You have confirmed what l thought was wrong with my boy. He is on a supplement for his joints and is well rugged both in and out of the stable, he's really pampered. I think he just suffers from SADS, and just hates the winter months as they find his weak spots at his age. As you said Anne, old age is no reason to put him to sleep. He had the vet and he said the same and told the girls on the yard that he would not put a fit and healthy 24yr old horse down just because in their eyes he was passed it.

 He gave him some antibiotics for his throat problem and some anti-inflammatory for his arthritis and said he can stay on a low dose of them all over the winter and he is not worried about him, so l feel mush better now. He has been playing out in a small paddock on his own today, so he is not being bullied by the younger horses and seemed to enjoy it with the odd roll here and there. Glad to hear your mum is doing well but sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with lupus, it's a horrible thing, just take it easy and don't be doing too much on your good days.

 I am sending you some photos of my Rob so you can see how he is, let me know what you think. Merry Christmas and a Happy Hogmanay have a good one, best wishes, love to your mum and family. Jenny & Robbie xxxx

My Precious Robbie

Thank you so much for speaking with Fred as it means so much to know he is so happy. You couldn’t have described him any better, not many people no or understand my pony so it’s good to no some one else does too. It also brings great warmth to me to know that he wants to carry on competing as I think he has to put a front on at shows and show off!! Rather then refuse or act like he's not. I can’t thankyou enough and I shall be forever grateful thankyou Issy

Forever Grateful