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Testimonials About Anne Dee the Acclaimed Animal and Horse Psychic

Thank you so much, Ann. Brenda and her foal are really well and he was dashing around the field tonight. All you said, added up. The night before she had really no udder and the milk must have come in so quickly the next morning when she foaled. You have her picture, no 28 with her first foal. She often has a worry but her foals have the most fantastic temperament, which she does if she isn't fussed.

May 2013

I dont no if u remember talking to my horse Diamond a while back? but we listened and did what was suggested by you, and the change has been amazing! the fearfull-ness has gone full stop. I haven't tried clipping though, but had shoes off and the difference in him I can't even put into words! I feel so connected to him now it sometimes feels freaky, this horse is very special and I'm so glad I asked you for help. I can't thank you enough for sorting out his problems, eternally grateful. xx

May 2013

Thank you so much for speaking to Eamon a couple of weeks ago- it really has had the most incredible effect on him and he seems to be much happier and more relaxed!!


Thank you so much for your help with Ted. He has settled down so much more and stopped rearing befor a jump. He actually won his class for the 1st time in a year!!!

June 2013

Thanks for your help today with Missie. She has turned a corner since you saw her last week and the stuff you recommended has made such a difference, she towed me across the field for the first time in 3 months. I feared I would lose her she was so ill! Even the vet thought is was time. Not! Her sore tummy has gone and she is not tucked up and back to her favourite hobby - eating..

July 2013