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About Anne Dee the Horse, Pet and Animal Communicator

Anne Dee, Horse & Pet Communicator/ Psychic Advisor

Is it really possible to communicate with animals, hear what they are thinking, what they are feeling, be given details of their past and an insight into their fears, worries and health?

For hundreds of animal lovers throughout the world who have entrusted Anne Dee to speak with their horses and much-loved family pets, the answer has proven to be a resounding yes.

Anne is a fourth generation psychic who not only grew up in a spiritual environment, but gave free astonishingly accurate readings to anyone in need since her mid-teens. She later trained to manage and develop her gifts with her local Psychic Association. Although Anne had always felt a deep empathy and understanding for all animals, and always pinpointed accurately her own pets’ health issues, she had no previous experience or practical knowledge of horses - until that was, her first encounter talking with a friend’s mare. From that moment, Anne unwittingly discovered her unique gift of hearing and speaking with these beautiful creatures, and her ability to tune in to their innermost feelings has evolved and strengthened over the years.

Today, demand for Anne's services has grown into a major commitment, with requests for help flooding in from all over the world. From the likes of a parrot owner whose feathered friend seemed a bit off-colour, to invitations to speak with cats, dogs, rabbits and even the odd monkey, her passion for giving animals a voice and her track record has earned her an enviable reputation, with the overwhelming majority of new clients the result of word of mouth or recommendation.

Anne helps owners unlock the mysteries behind their horses’ behavioural or learning difficulties. Troubled or worried horses have been known to tell Anne they need more time to learn something new, or perhaps their new owners are riding them in such a way that confuses them. Many owners have reported that they have changed their own approach and training methods following a consultation with Anne.

For Horses

For horses with health problems, Anne has correctly pinpointed illnesses, later confirmed by veterinary surgeons, given accurate causes of lameness, back problems etc, and enlightened owners on past histories, traumatic episodes and of happy, memorable times in their horses’ lives. Over the years, Anne has spoken to many sick horses and some as they approach the end of their lives. With the horses’ understanding, Anne has been able to reassure and guide their owner toward the right decision at the right time. Anne confirms that whether a problem seems great or small, she gives horses a voice to speak of their well-being or of any underlying problem, followed, importantly, by a practical solution.

Anne travels the length and breadth of the country, speaking with pets and every kind of horse from retired veterans, companion ponies, pony club ponies, international polo ponies and competition sports horses from some of the top show jumping and showing yards in the UK. Anne has also been involved with some successful racehorses and their trainers in the UK and Europe.

Through necessity she has developed a successful telephone service enabling owners too far away or in urgent situations to connect Anne to their animals. This has allowed her to communicate with horses in France, Norway, Germany, Australia, America, Greece, and throughout England, meaning distance is no longer an issue.

Anne is keen to point out that the welfare and happiness of each and every horse and pet she helps is of paramount importance to her, and she is the first to recommend conventional veterinary help when necessary.