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Testimonials About Anne Dee the Acclaimed Animal and Horse Psychic

Anne Thank you very much for visiting Craigton yesterday. Everyone enjoyed your chats with their horse(s) and now feel that they are able to help and reassure their four-legged friends in a positive way. People put great store on communicating with each other and find it frustrating not to be able to talk to their horses - fortunately for us you can do just that! Many thanks again and very best wishes for a speedy recovery to full health. Take care. Lynn NOVEMBER 07


Hello Anne you may not remember but you made a visit to Dundee farm in shelf and you talked to nearly all of the horses on the yard and three of them horses were mine called bud, Elliot and blue. Blue is mainly my horse and I just wanted to thank you for talking to him as it helped me a lot to understand his problems and even though he didn’t want to talk you tried you hardest and it paid of in the end so thank you sooooooo much love charlotte and blue xxxxxxx


Hi Anne, Hope you are feeling better this week. It was lovely to talk to you on Friday, hopefully one day I will get to meet you in person. Thank you so much for my reading, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to a lot of it coming true. As promised, here is a picture of my beloved Joe who died on 28th July 2007. We have him buried in our garden as he loved it so much. I cannae thank you enough for what you said about him, to know he is still around me and happy gives me great comfort, he was my baby and special wee boy and a joy to Stuart and I and although we miss him terribly, we have our memories and laugh at some of the funny things he did. You will know what a character he is, a lot like his mum ha-ha!!! I will also let you know when baby decides to make their entrance which I am hoping will be soon, I have a feeling I will be earlier than my due date of 18th October, but we shall see. I will also send you a picture. Take care of yourself and thanks again for everything, you really are a nice lady who has a very special talent and brings comfort to people, I know you have with me. Good bless you. Lisa Reid xx 23 SEPT 07


Just looking through your web page Anne - its wonderful & thought I would drop you a line! I would like to thank you so much for your visit out to my mums last month to help Tootsie. I know you heard through Sandrina that we lost Toots, & I got you kind words - thank you. I really appreciated you coming at such short notice & spending time with Tootsie, Ross & I. Tootsie is very sadly missed & was a huge part of my life, as well as part of the family. Thank you once again Anne & I hope to see you soon. Fionagh x Ps keep up your hard work cos you really are fantastic at what you do!


Hey Anne I just wanted to get in touch and thankyou so much for your time and skills in January when you help me communicate with my horse pizzazz. he was sadly put to sleep later that night and was a terrible time but thanks to your kind words and thoughts we were both happy with pizzazz'z new life eating loads and out of pain. since passing away pizzazz has visited me as u said and it’s really special. still miss my wee boy like mad, wish I could talk to him again now! u were an angel that helped us both thro a terrifying time, thanks a million Sarah and pizzazz xxxx 22 APRIL 07