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Testimonials About Anne Dee the Acclaimed Animal and Horse Psychic

Just to let you know after your talk with Narla she won the Limit Bitch class at Midland Counties Championship Show. She went back in the ring and showed perfectly in the challenge, unfortunately she didn't get it on this occasion would have to be a brave judge to put her over to well know champions, but we a very hopeful for next season, and crufts next March. Thanks for all your help did try to send this a few weeks ago but link not working then. If you would like a picture please email me and I will send.


Narla won!

First of all I’d like to say that I’ve taken way too long to write this and secondly Anne changed the way my horse's life was able to get back to normal and how I managed to sleep at night.

I'd never have considered contacting someone like Anne (may I quote having a gift like she does)until a person who is now a true friend recommended me to contact her. To cut a long story short my boy had an injury that changed both our lives so much, I thought he was going to be retired well before he deserved to be. He loved his job sooo much. We used to be out every week competing and having great results . Then nothing, didly squat, fineato. He went through physio, box rest, visits to the dick vets, poaked, proded and then some. Nothing, nobody could get to the bottom of what was wrong. Several thousand pounds later (and I mean it broke my bank balance) he spoke to Anne! no not me my boy spoke to Anne.

 Seven minuets and me feeling completely crazy that all it took and our lives changed. I say crazy because I was never someone who believed that someone could communicate with animals-horses-my boy. Now, now Anne speaks to my boy yearly or god forbid if something is wrong. If you’re not someone who thinks it can be true, you truly should read on. When I phoned her I had tacked up but felt this overwhelming urge to phone Anne. Don't ask me why, I’ll truly never know or understand why but I phoned. All she asked was my name, my boys name and his age. She spoke to him (yes, over the phone on my mobile) for nearly seven minuets. There's some bits between this time and me speaking to Anne again that were truly spooky and unbelievable that I can't put into words.

 When I spoke to Anne again she somehow managed to rattle off what had happened, in detail, what had happened in the accident, what treatment he had had, where hear had been for treatment, things that had been said/discussed. I was blown away, I had told her nothing. How could she have known these things in so much detail. I know it seams untrue what I’m saying, I felt and in some ways still do feel it was impossible. However she told me what to do and how long it would take for things to change. It's all way to long to type, but I remember that day like it was yesterday (3 years ago). My boy has now been back for 2 1/2 years, competing at his post injury level and loving every minute of it. Since then I’ve spoken to Anne about myself and sooo many things have happened as she said.

 She's saved my mums dog too (which she will forever be grateful for). I guess I want and need people to know that Anne saves and changes so many human/equine/canine lives from being a misery. I'll always be grateful and fascinated by Anne’s gift, but I think my boy, Capel will always feel he has a friend for life and someone who has given him a voice in more ways in one. 

You are a gem, a star, a legend and I feel truly blessed to have met and have a true friend like Anne Dee. Thank you for everything.Vik.X{mosimage}

My Boy

Hi Anne Thank you so much for your visit on Tuesday. It has given me some hope that I can make Bess feel better and at least have an idea of what may be wrong. Have been doing lots of research of the internet since you were here and it is all sounding spot on. Sharon K and Bess June 6th 07


ROCKY IN YORKSHIRE Anne, Thank you so much for coming down to Halifax today to talk with Rocky, our 5 yr old Cob. You correctly indicated former injuries, my wife's initial problems in trying to get on with Rocky and took time to reassure us with reference to his boisterousness. The information you relayed was correct with regard to number of former homes and owners and the location of a leg injury was correctly diagnosed. Although I was initially sceptical I am convinced that your skills bring a very welcome insight into the lives of the horses you visit which reassures their owners in a way that no other service or health treatment could. Thank you very much. We will be back in touch. Please let us know when you will be back in the Yorkshire area. Regards, Brian & Helen Keeley and Rocky


Hi Anne, Just a short email to say thank you so much for visiting us yesterday. Mint alot, everything you said to me was spot on, (ie BB being not well) and it ment the world to me that you were able to tell me how she really felt about how she was and the way I helped her. She is my world and it's really made me love her even more now that I know she’s happy with me and loves me too. I will defo be in touch in the future to arrange another visit with my girl. Thank you once again Dianne