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Hi Anne,

You prob wont remember us but u came to visit our farm last August, in Ringford Castle Douglas and one animal u saw was my horse, Obie, who had been operated on at Liverpool vet school. When u visited t little horse was a total mess including his face. I am pleased to let u know that Obie after 1 year complete field rest has now come back in to work. Just a note to say thank you very much in giving me confidence in nursing him back to a fit state.

Thank you very much

Head Shaker Horse

Dear Anne,

Thank you very much for agreeing to speak to Bailey at such short notice. We took him to the vet hospital in Edinburgh yesterday. I told the vets there what Bailey had asked me to, and they confirmed that he has not broken any bones which is such wonderful news. I have to say, I slept much better on Monday night after the consultation, as did my Mum, as we had both been so worried about Bailey. He is no longer cross tied, and enjoyed a good roll and a scratch after he was examined yesterday. It actually turned out to be a problem with his foot, although I can quite believe his muscles may have been sore as you said from carrying on since he does like to play!

Thanks so much for your help. Next time you are in the Aberdeen area, I would it if you could come and speak to them all. Solo's reaction was incredible. He seemed to be frantic for a while until you spoke with him. It was quite spooky. They do always like to have all the attention - they are like two little children

Many Thanks Anne,

Kind Regards

Eilidh Herd


Hello Anne

I thought you might like an update on Tara, my mare you spoke to over the telephone a few weeks ago. Since you spoke to her Tara has settled down unbelievably, even before we put her onto the Argent Nit. She gets that, plus ignatia and pulsatilla for her hormones which has helped also. She gets arnica for her back just now, but the good news is that John McManaway is coming to see her on Saturday, I am just waiting for a time confirmation. Before we called you in, Tara was on a magnesium supplement to try and calm her down. This had helped, but only a little. This has now been stopped for over a week and has made no difference at all.

 Obviously this was just treating the symptoms and not the cause of her anxiety. We went for a quiet hack this morning, Tara having had 4 days off, which is usually a recipe for disaster, and she never put a foot wrong! We took her to a small indoor show jumping show last week, small jumps, and she was an absolute star. No nonsense, just got on with the job and looked after the jockey, my husband. We have not done too much until we get her back/leg looked at by John then hopefully we can steadily increase the work but not to a ridiculous level. You may recall Tara told you she had suffered a few beatings in the past from a bad home.

 Well I have been in touch with a previous owner who turns out actually rescued her from being sent to the knackers yard having been mistreated by the then owners who saw fit to keep her in a stable all the time, feed her loads, exercise her little, and when she finally dumped the woman, the husband saw fit to beat Tara every day with a whip and a scaffolding pipe! If I ever meet him... I did not know any of this when I bought her, no wonder she was so anxious.

 Anyway I thought you might like to know you've done it again, helped us out when we were wondering what to do next. Can’t ever thank you enough. I Will let you know what John says. If you are ever coming down this way please let me know as I would love you to meet Tara and also speak to her and Tikko again.

Kind regards


Hi Anne

We met just over a year ago, I on crutches at the time following a riding accident and Chester worried sick that he'd done something dreadful and would be sent away in a Horse Box as punishment. It was a great comfort to me at the time to meet you and have the opportunity to tell that Big , Handsome , Brave boy how much I loved him and how I had come to depend on him. I promised him at the time that although his start in life had been tough I would look after him forever. Sadly I was unable to keep that promise as he died in a terrible ,tragic accident in his field whilst grazing. Last Saturday you visited my new horse that by a quirk of fate is also called Chester. I wasn't there and I asked my close friend Carol to meet you in my place. You may not recall but in summary Young Chester has had the most dreadful stomach problems, has been run down and generally losing condition.

 He’s been very unhappy and I even more so with the most dreadful feeling of foreboding. The nightmares have been awful. Accidents involving horses and me completely powerless to do anything. I’m being totally honest when I tell you that you were right when you picked up on the fact that Chester didn't feel loved. Anne I couldn't love him and lose him also. Whilst I had worked hard to care for his every need the pain of my first loss was still to great Whilst I have gone through the motions of moving on (new horse etc) the sadness hung around turning a new start into a new trauma I haven't heard the actual transcript of your visit but Carol tells me that you picked up on both his physical and emotional problems. I should firstly thank you for taking the time to visit us. One week on Chester is visibly putting on weight, boasting a much cleaner and drier stable, his cuts and bumps are healing, he is calmer, more relaxed and we are enjoying some real quality time together.

 I wasn't there when you visited Anne but I looked into my horses eyes and he into mine on Saturday and we began a connection which so far had not been there. I did not as expected have any other nightmares this week and nine months on I feel closer to accepting Big Chester's death. Young Chester arrived seven months ago. This week we began our lives together!!!!!!!

I just wanted to thank you myself.

Lorraine Callaghan


Dear Anne,

Just to say a big thank you on behalf of Ruth and myself for coming to see Demi and Bowman yesterday - We so appreciated it and I think the horse’s didas well. It is funny but even when you had just gone I felt more bonded with him which is lovely. Ruth and I had a chat later and were just saying how amazing you are. Ruth said she felt quite emotional when she was listening to you with both horses. What a gift and you are so gentle with it. I am going to try and contact John McManaway (?) tonight for both of us.

Thanks again and we hope to see you again.

All the best for Christmas, kind regards, Susan

Susan English

Big thank you !