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Thank you Anne for your time tonight. It was so important for us to know what was Tallulah's background. It made me feel emotional too! We better understand her needs and will handle her in an appropriate way. No more hunger, distress and fear in her life. She is with us to stay, whatever her abilities. I hope she got the message!

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Just wanted to give you an update on Izzy. She is improving daily and getting back to her old self. I had booked a visit from a top holistic vet and he saw her yesterday, mainly about her sarcoids and immune issues. Interestingly he asked about her annual flu/tetanus vaccinations and it appears all her symptoms coincide with the vaccinations. He thinks she is hypersensitive to the vaccine and so of course gets a very bad bout of flu …. You said she felt she was trying to recover from a bad bout of flu!! How right you were! He was very happy with the food protocol you suggested alongside her other healthy food. I am getting my girl back!

We discussed her temperament and how she views life, and he totally agreed with your assessment. He recognises that she is worrying about me worrying about her! And she also worries about her herd and other horses who are not well. He is prescribing a homeopathic remedy for her, I’ll let you know what it when it arrives.

Bea is getting braver too and seems more comfortable with life .. onwards and upwards! 

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It has been 3 weeks since you spoke to Emmie and myself and I am pleased to say she looks so much better, all the extras you said I gave her, I also gave the same to my old boy Grand Star (30 years) and for the first time since his friend passed away he was playing with Emmie. So they definitely seem so much happier and healthier. The itching is still there, but I also changed my mind set about it and don’t stress every time she scratches. I figured out that the midges we have (and we have a lot of them) irritate her big time. I keep her blanketed most of the day and night. This weekend my husband put a fan in her stable which helped till last night, but last night was very hot and I think that’s why she scratched again. I got a bigger fan that will be installed this weekend. I would like to let her sleep without a blanket as our summers get extremely hot, well into the 40 Degrees. I would say the last three weeks we had, including last night, we only had 4 mornings with bad hair day for her tail, instead of nearly daily. Which is much much better than we had weeks leading up to our call. We also seem to be getting along so much better, if I go to her camp she immediately comes up to me and I can actually give her a cuddle. She used to pull her ears flat and make you understand you're not welcome. I have noticed she's still very insecure and will have to work on that. I was doing ground work with her on Saturday, and a puppy barked right behind her, she got such a fright, but did not run away, she just wanted to get as close to me as possible, right into me. Sorry for the long mail, but thanks to you we are in a much better place. I stopped the Buscapan, but still give her something for allergies and the milk thistle. They also get a very good probiotic every morning and evening that I will keep giving. Thank you
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Having spent over 30 years as aveterinary surgeon practicing the science of veterinary medicine and surgery I was extremely sceptical when my partner Caroline told me she was talking to a horse communicator. To me the idea of having psychic consultations by telephone was just plain daft. However ….. I have been truly amazed by Anne’s ability to convey the thoughts, concerns and wishes of our three horses to us. Her advice and guidance has been truly invaluable both in the way it has helped the horses and by the comfort and reassurance she has given to Caroline.
Bob Gardner B.Vet.Med.MRCVS.