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Testimonials About Anne Dee the Acclaimed Animal and Horse Psychic

Many thanks for your visit to us at the farm, and for your help with our horses. We were amazed and delighted at the accuracy of information you gave on behalf of the horses. David Parker and Pauline Robson.

Kidlaw Farm


Many thanks

 Hi Anne,

Well, what can I say but thanks a million for what you did with Cal on Saturday!

You gave us so many answers to what he'd been through and we feel much more connected to him now. It was an amazing experience and I can hardly wait until the next time. I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical, although I try to be open minded about things, but I'm a scientist, so am trained to not believe until I see proof positive - and I did! The bit about his lick was the seal of that! You'll be glad to know that he got his lickit after you left and he even got another one yesterday for being such a good boy - but he's back to one a week from now on! Pocket money, indeed! We found out yesterday that a friend of ours had been to see him a couple of weeks ago and it was actually her that had promised to come back later that week with a lickit that she'd bought him - it really freaked her out when we told her about your visit, and his complaint! The other thing that sealed it for me was when he kissed you.

 That was very touching to see as I know that this horse does not normally do this sort of thing. It was quite humbling. He is getting his actimel and olbas oil and I have ordered the milk thistle and argent nit. We also got him some garlic supplement to try to help with his sinuses. This was recommended to me years ago when my chronic problem started, so I figure it can't hurt. Scott is now really looking forward to Sunday and the show. You have given him much more confidence in Cal, and hopefully increased Cal's confidence in us. I can only thank you once again for an enlightening experience on Saturday, one which we thoroughly enjoyed and we look forward to seeing you again.

 As I said, please put us on your list for your next visit over this way and we'll definitely be there

Thanks, June and Scott (and Cal!) X

A Scientist Enlightened

Listen up all you other mummies at their wit's end with your horses.

 Not so long ago I was in your shoes. Last year after I moved my horse Tia to her then new home, she became very unhappy and unsettled, so much so that her behaviour became aggressive and threatening towards me at times, something that had me terribly worried and was making me nervous of her, something I had never felt before as I had had Tia for some years. My farrier, with years of experience working with horses had heard first -hand the work done by Anne Dee, as he had been on a yard when Anne had spoken with a horse and he had not only found the problem as she had specifically stated but heard how accurate she was with her information and insight, gave me her telephone number with the strong recommendation that I contact her for help.

 This I did, as I had tried everything and nothing worked. I was very sceptical at the time, but that was the best thing I could have done, as since then Tia and I have not looked back. Anne not only pinpointed the problem but gave me accurate information about other problems and marks etc I knew about Tia, and that day was a huge turning point now that I look back. I subsequently moved Tia as part of the solution as Anne pointed out the environment was the problem and I needed to change it. I moved my horse in April of this year and she has never looked happier. Although there have been a few little blips we have managed with Anne's help, to sort them out.

 I do believe there are only a few true psychics, but strongly believe Anne is one of them - probably the best as well!!

Stacey and Tia

The Best!

Hi Anne

Just recently you spoke with blue and corkie. You said Blue could be allergic to the steel in his bit, changed the bit and he no longer grabs the bit a or shakes his head violently! you also stated he was beaten in his previous home, to the point of climbing over the stable door to which you added he had a scar on his stomach and leg, He has!! you were also correct about the person who growls at him in the mornings. Corky what I did not tell you was that I had the vet to corky the day before, you told me that he had pain the wither area and hock. The vet diagnosed a slight kink in his spine on the wither area!! special padding required for this, and yes he as a wound on his hock which is giving him a bit of trouble. AND ALL THIS FROM A MOBILE !!!!!!!

Cheers Anne

speak soon Paul

Phone conversation

Dear Anne

Thank you so much for talking to my horses you have helped them no end. I first spoke to Anne in Sept 05 after my horse Tommy stopped jumping suddenly, I had had the vet check him over to see if there was anything wrong and he said he had never seen a sounder horse and to get on and jump him, so I did and he fired me straight through a double, his behaviour had changed as well and he had become quite violent when he didn't want to jumping rearing and bucking and I decided that I didn't want to ride him anymore thinking that he just had a bad attitude. Someone told me about Anne at first I was a bit sceptical about ringing her, but then I got my vet bill, £80 for looking at him for two mins and I thought might as well spend a bit more money and you never no I might find something use full out.

 So I called Anne and she spoke to Tommy over the phone, he told her just what was wrong his shoes were making him slip and loose confidence and that they weren't the same kind of shoes he had had on before ( this was true farrier had put shoes on with stud holes already in and where wider than what he had worn all winter)and that he had been catching himself and had been lame on both back legs and had pulled his back on one side trying to compensate. Also true confirmed by physio before I had spoken to Anne. I had taken off his shoes as I was sick off him cutting himself and I was going to throw him in the field for a bit, he said he was much happier with no shoes on.

 He told Anne that he was feeling much better now and wanted to go jumping with me again and that he would be back to normal, I took him to an arena and he jumped straight round and I started competing him again and he didn't stop again. He had also started box walking and I asked Anne to ask him why, he said because he was stressed out as he thought I was going to sell him, I told her to tell him he was not for sale and he hasn't box walked since( saved me a fortune in shavings).

 Since then I have spoken to Anne on a couple of occasions when my horses have gone lame or started acting strange Tommy started rearing for no reason Anne told me he had slipped and pulled his right shoulder and it was trapping a nerve and my saddle was pressing on it when I asked him to bend or drop his head. When the physio came she confirmed that he had pulled his right shoulder and where it had constricted it had pulled the vertebrae in his whithers out of line and that this would be trapping the nerves that ran under them, spot on yet again.

 Just a couple of days ago he went lame in his stable for no obvious reason, Anne said look at his fetlock he has had it stuck against the wall, I looked and his hair was all roughed up she said he had just bruised it and needed some arnica gel on it and some painkillers I did this and the next day he was right as rain.

 I would recommend anybody speak to Anne whether they are a professional or just a weekend rider, as the things you will find out about your horse are amazing and the little things you can do to make their lives more comfortable will make you and your horse have a better relationship.

Thanks for everything