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October 2016
Horse/ Pet Psychic
It has been 3 weeks since you spoke to Emmie and myself and I am pleased to say she looks so much better, all the extras you said I gave her, I also gave the same to my old boy Grand Star (30 years) and for the first time since his friend passed away he was playing with Emmie. So they definitely seem so much happier and healthier. The itching is still there, but I also changed my mind set about it and don’t stress every time she scratches. I figured out that the midges we have (and we have a lot of them) irritate her big time. I keep her blanketed most of the day and night. This weekend my husband put a fan in her stable which helped till last night, but last night was very hot and I think that’s why she scratched again. I got a bigger fan that will be installed this weekend. I would like to let her sleep without a blanket as our summers get extremely hot, well into the 40 Degrees. I would say the last three weeks we had, including last night, we only had 4 mornings with bad hair day for her tail, instead of nearly daily. Which is much much better than we had weeks leading up to our call. We also seem to be getting along so much better, if I go to her camp she immediately comes up to me and I can actually give her a cuddle. She used to pull her ears flat and make you understand you're not welcome. I have noticed she's still very insecure and will have to work on that. I was doing ground work with her on Saturday, and a puppy barked right behind her, she got such a fright, but did not run away, she just wanted to get as close to me as possible, right into me.

Sorry for the long mail, but thanks to you we are in a much better place. I stopped the Buscapan, but still give her something for allergies and the milk thistle. They also get a very good probiotic every morning and evening that I will keep giving.
Thank you

September 2016
Animal psychic chats
Just wanted to give you an update on Izzy. She is improving daily and getting back to her old self. I had booked a visit from a top holistic vet and he saw her yesterday, mainly about her sarcoids and immune issues. Interestingly he asked about her annual flu/tetanus vaccinations and it appears all her symptoms coincide with the vaccinations. He thinks she is hypersensitive to the vaccine and so of course gets a very bad bout of flu …. You said she felt she was trying to recover from a bad bout of flu!! How right you were! He was very happy with the food protocol you suggested alongside her other healthy food. I am getting my girl back!
We discussed her temperament and how she views life, and he totally agreed with your assessment. He recognises that she is worrying about me worrying about her! And she also worries about her herd and other horses who are not well. He is prescribing a homeopathic remedy for her, I’ll let you know what it when it arrives.
Bea is getting braver too and seems more comfortable with life .. onwards and upwards!

September 2016
Pet psychic consultations
Thank you Anne for your time tonight. It was so important for us to know what was Tallulah's background. It made me feel emotional too! We better understand her needs and will handle her in an appropriate way. No more hunger, distress and fear in her life. She is with us to stay, whatever her abilities. I hope she got the message!

July 2013
Thanks for your help today with Missie. She has turned a corner since you saw her last week and the stuff you recommended has made such a difference, she towed me across the field for the first time in 3 months. I feared I would lose her she was so ill! Even the vet thought is was time.  Not!  Her sore tummy has gone and she is not tucked up and back to her favourite hobby -  eating..

June 2013
Thank you so much for your help with Ted.  He has settled down so much more and stopped rearing befor a jump. He actually won his class for the 1st time in a year!!!

May 2013
Thank you so much for speaking to Eamon a couple of weeks ago- it really has had the most incredible effect on him and he seems to be much happier and more relaxed!!
May 2013
I dont no if u remember talking to my horse Diamond a while back? but we listened and did what was suggested by you, and the change has been amazing! the fearfull-ness has gone full stop. I haven't tried clipping though, but had shoes off and the difference in him I can't even put into words! I feel so connected to him now it sometimes feels freaky, this horse is very special and I'm so glad I asked you for help. I can't thank you enough for sorting out his problems, eternally grateful. xx

May 2013
Thank you so much, Ann.  Brenda and her foal are really well and he was dashing around the field tonight.  All you said, added up. The night before she had really no udder and  the milk must have come in so quickly the next morning when she foaled.  You have her picture, no 28 with her first foal. She often has a worry but her foals have the most fantastic temperament, which she does if she isn't fussed.

JULY 2012
Our Emotional Journey
Thank you so much for speaking to Rosie and I last night. What she said (via you!) very much reflects the history I have under covered about her so far and the journey we have been on together. I was deeply touched by what Rosie had to say about me, because it hasn't always been plain sailing. I was also deeply saddened to think about the awful times she has had to endure in the past. Over the last year I have felt us turn a real corner because we have both opened up our hearts and truly connected. Understanding her reactions and the reasons for them will help us continue to move onwards and upwards. I feel so very humbled to have such a wonderful horse, a horse who has managed to keep on going and cope with such awful memories and still find it in herself to trust again. I believe that she is with me to teach me a great deal about the ways of the world. She is very special and I am so pleased to have had the chance to hear from her.
JULY 2012
Huge Thank You
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a huge thank you for coming to talk to Smartie today, especially when you weren't feeling great. It meant a lot to me that you went to all that bother. It was a huge relief to know that the present situation was caused by the fall back in September and not related to her previous 'before us' injury and that we can get it all sorted. I have ordered the arnica gel and I should get it within 2 days and I have already started her on the anti inflammatory Danilon. I will get her the thrush medication tomorrow and get that into her too. She really is a wee soul and I am so grateful to you for helping.

June 2012
Spot On With Medical Problems
Thank God I spoke to you today otherwise my horse's problems which you picked up on wouldn't have been detected so soon. A lot happened after I spoke to you, I phoned vet re antibiotics and she said they had to come and see Hansen and happened to be passing our yard in 15mins. She took urine sample and bloods, an hour later I got a call to say the lab had contacted the vet and told her a level in Hansen's liver is really high, should be 35 and his is 300, this she said is usually due to something toxic they have eaten? Usually ragwort, but his field is clear and not ragwort season? Vet came straight back to me and gave Hansen steroid injection and 2week course of antibiotics. Then later she phoned me to say the lab called again and he is a bit anaemic and they are worried he has ulcers now as well. I am going to get Gaviscon tomorrow as you had suggested.. I can't thank you enough.
Ysanne x

Febuary 2012
Amazing Gift
You really were spot on with my horse Joe. You have an amazing gift and I want to thank you for helping us.

December 09
Thank You
Just a wee note and a great big thank you for all your wonderful work.  I have known you now for quite a few years and you never cease to amaze me with your abilities not only for communication but healing.  You have helped me help hundreds of horses over the years and recently you have helped save the life of a very special boy, my new horse Slipper.  With your healing help and advice he has made a spectacular recovery which is nothing short of a miracle.  I will continue to support you in your work and spread the word about your incredable gift.  Thank you with all of my heart.
Lots of Love Morag Higgins

November 2009
Happy Ending 
Hi Anne , 
Just to let you know that Rosie and Jim are , against all odds , alive and very much kicking ! They have been out today for the first time in three weeks and wow..................... jim is like a race horse. i cant believe he is still here , let alone galloping and bucking , and i cant thank you enough , if you hadnt spoke to them i know he would have died , 
love hannah , sirloin , murphy , rosie and jim x 

22 October 2009
Left Speechless
Am not often lost for words but what Anne has done for me and my horses has left me speechless. After a bad fall and kick from a 17.3 warm blood, which left me in hospital with a perfect hoof print and suspected broken back, I had lost all confidence in myself and my ability with horses. I then purchased my most wonderful horse ever, sirloin, he is and always will be the ideal horse but I was still scared from the near death fall. Anne spoke to us and I was blown away by his response, I felt I could ride again without been scared. A year after I moved into my farm and I got Murphy, he has broken more bones in my body than I would care to count!!!! . at my wits end I called Anne , she told me that his willy was hurting and that he could not believe he was in a  clean bed  with  hay , breakfasts, lunches and teas……..he had been forced to eat his own bed . The sore wilily turned out to be staphylococci which are rare in horses. 3 weeks ago I went to a horse auction……………….my heart ruled my head , a vile , grotesque being  (I cant call him a man) was told by happa and trading standards to remove this mare and foal from the sale .. I bought them outside knowing they were dying...i knew if i could get them home they would leave this world in a happy calm loving place. , The foal has no hair on its ears and is covered in scabs from lying in sh.........owers. I spent hour upon hour with the foals head in my lap willing it to live , he was so dehydrated he could not stand without help……….i phoned ann and she listened to them, talked to them and told the foal ( jim ) to drink, and this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen , he drank some water . To most people this would seem like a coincidence ,but after the vet telling me it was a lost cause I can only say . Thank you Anne love from Hannah, sirloin, Murphy, Rosie and Jim x  

Lost Without Anne's Help
We first met Anne when she came to see one of my horses while she was on holiday not to far from here.
My horse had not been right from the day I bought him but he was having trouble with his leg  which would swell up and down, and he would be lame most of the time. The vet had seen him many times and he had x-rays, antibiotics and pain killers. Even with all this he always seemed uncomfortable. I have to say at this point my partner of 20 years is a small animal veterinary surgeon, who at the time probably thought I had gone round the twist.
After all the things Anne told me about my horses, I think he started to have a better understanding of how she worked. We took all her advice and sorted out his leg also all his other problems of which he had many. She has also helped with my other two horses. Anne and I have become good friends, and my boys like to have a chat about once a month with Anne. It is not always for a problem, they like to keep her up to date with all that goes on around the farm. One horse likes to tell her he NEVER gets enough food!!!! It’s funny how he manages to be a little on the heavy side!!!!!!!!! There are times when Anne will still freak me out by what she says like the time I went to buy new rugs.  I only decided that morning as winter was setting in and I needed to go to town.
I phoned Anne that evening and half way through the conversation she said the boys love the new rugs you bought today, “how do you know” I said. She said the boys had told her how smart they looked and were very pleased.
I can’t tell you what Anne has come to mean to me and the boys. We would be lost without her help at times.
Not only does Anne keep me in touch with my boys so we have a better understanding of each other, my boys and I have found the most wonderful friend we could ever wish to have in our lives.
Having spent over 30 years as a veterinary surgeon practicing the science of veterinary medicine and surgery I was extremely sceptical when my partner Caroline told me she was talking to a horse communicator. To me the idea of having psychic consultations by telephone was just plain daft. 
However ….. I have been truly amazed by Anne’s ability to convey the thoughts, concerns and wishes of our three horses to us.
Her advice and guidance has been truly invaluable both in the way it has helped the horses and by the comfort and reassurance she has given to Caroline.
Bob Gardner B.Vet.Med. MRCVS.

Sceptic No More!
I was very sceptical about you talking to my mare but was proved wrong. Our mare was originally a brood mare in Ireland - she came over to Scotland to get broken in along with her foal – she has no issues and is a happy, relaxed and beautiful mare. She stayed for a year and then her owners requested her back to have a foal - we fell in love with her but were unable to raise the funds to buy her and she returned to Ireland. We visited her in Ireland and our once relaxed and happy mare had turned lifeless, twitchy and spooky. We managed to convince the owners that we should have her back for good so that we could continue her education. She returned about five months ago. Anne asked her name age and how long she had been here – I didn’t tell her any of the above. The 1st thing Anne said was that she had been here before and that she hadn’t understood why she had to go back and that when she had gone back she had been really depressed, the mare asked if she needed to have any more babies too and that we needed to push the work on as she wanted to catch up on lost time. She requested a new girth as she is quite ticklish and explained that she is still being a bit hormonal. The mare said she isn’t keen on flat work but loves jumping so I took the opportunity to get Anne to tell her she needs to get on with it before she gets the fun bit of jumping! I asked Anne to ask if she like the man that rides her and she said no and did it have to continue as he is very heavy in his hands and hurts her mouth, obviously it won’t be continuing! Although I didn’t have any specific issues to correct it was enlightening and reassuring to know that we are on the right path with our mare and that she is happy. I stand corrected in every way and will never doubt Anne’s extraordinary abilities again.

Straight From The Horse's Mouth
Hi Aunty Anne, I hope you and your mum are well and looking forward to Christmas. I wanted to tell you about the exciting things mum and I have been doing since we spoke to you! Thank you for explaining to my mummy Jayne, why I was frightened to go in the trailer. She has listened to what you said and the first couple of times she gave me a scrummy apple with a tablet in it. I didn't like it very much as it made me very drowsy but it helped my fear. Daddy David helps with the loading and it still takes a while but, don't tell mum this, I'm actually being a rascal now and hardly feel nervous at all! I think it's a great way to get extra pony nuts! When we are on our journey I keep smelling mums top that she leaves with me. Mmmmmmmmm. She smells SO NICE! Dad bought me a radio but it isn't working very well. On Sunday we entered our second indoor sj comp. I got 2 rosettes and beat a lot of the big boys. Mum was ecstatic and made me feel like the cleverest horse EVER! Yum, I love all those carrots! So thankyou Aunty Anne for helping Mummy, Daddy and me. We can't wait to speak to you in 2009. Wishing you peace and health, Love, Tom.x

We used you last year, pony is now doing fine. Getting placed at show jumping again which he love. Thanks Owen

Many Thanks
After many years of using your services I feel I should write to you and thank you, we first used you about 4 years ago with regards to a pony that had come into us for re-schooling, after many mishaps and Megan hitting the deck time after time, she refused to get on him again. So a phone call was made to you, within a couple of days you spoke to him and he relayed lots of information we knew nothing about, his life at a livery yard which was not a nice experience, and he new if he was naughty at ours he would stay (which he liked the thought of!!). He had problems with a saddle fitting, a leg injury and wanted back shoes on!! After we corrected all this things and promised him we would find him a good home he turned out to be a superstar, eventually being sold to Ireland where he won the 7 year old final at Dublin Horse Show. You have probably spoken to over 20 of our horses and ponies over the years many with funny stories to tell, we relay there stories to equine friends, normally they laugh and say we have to be joking oh and that’s a load of nonsense they say, but by the end they always ask for your number and speak to you and then they have a story to tell!! Many thanks for your help and I am sure we will be speaking soon kaz, Essex x

Harry (TB out of training)
Before I detail our telephone conversation, I want to recommend that ANYONE WITH A "PROBLEM" OR "DANGEROUS" HORSE READS THIS, AS IT COULD JUST SAVE THEM AND GIVE YOU A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.. THE HORSE I AM ABOUT TO DESCRIBE IS VERY GENTLE, KIND AND HAS NOT GOT A NASTY BONE IN HIS BODY. HE HAS NEVER TRIED TO HURT ME, AND IS THE ONLY HORSE ON OUR YARD THAT I WOULD TRUST 100% AROUND MY 4YR OLD SON. Hi Anne, you spoke to Harry who I bought two and a half years ago. Before we could start the conversation, you told me that Harry was very uptight and nervous as there was more than one person in the stable with him (no-one had mentioned to you that two people were present, and as the other person hadn't spoken you couldn't have guessed that). You calmed him down by talking with him and you asked him to give me a sign that he was happy to go ahead with the call. He came over to me and put his forehead up against mine, then stood and listened to the phone. You said that Harry's problems had began during training (how did you know he was in training). You told me that although he had been in training he had never raced (I had researched him and knew this to be accurate). He told you that he had started off fine and had been ridden, but had hurt his back badly in an accident. The yard staff had carried on riding him when he was in terrible pain, and when he reacted to this they had used horrific methods (I'll not mention them on here). He told you that on one occasion he had lots and lots of blood coming from big cuts in his mouth, and that he still had scars in there and on his lip from this punishment. He also described a large scar that he had on his cannon bone and how it hadn't been cleaned and treated properly. I can confirm that this is totally accurate: Harry has a large area of lower lip missing, together with the front part of his tongue!! He does have a very large lumpy scar on the cannon bone that he mentioned. He told you that he was terrorised in the field: if he went to the staff when they went to catch him he was beaten; if he ran off he was beaten when he was eventually caught. He told you that he knew that whatever he did would result in him being beaten. He was also shut in his stable for days on end. People used to go past his door and bang items loudly on it, they also used to go in "mob-handed" (as Harry put it) to beat him. He said that as a result of this he felt frightened both in the stable and in the field. He told you that at our yard I turned him out in a head collar in order to catch him, and that I was the only person that he would go to (I reminded him of a girl who worked at the training yard who was kind to him, but couldn't stop what was happening). How spooky... I do turn him out in a head collar all of the time, and no-one else on the yard can get near him ... he would rather injure himself jumping out of the paddock than let anyone else close to him in the field. He IS also frightened in the stable. When I first bought him he used to fall over with fright if you appeared at his door without making a noise en-route: he is still very nervous if anyone else goes in his stable. He told you that he was sold through the sales (I know that he went straight through Doncaster Sales) and was on two other yards that were equally as cruel to him before he ended up with the girl from whom I bought him. He mentioned that this girl was very scared of him. Again, I know that a dealer bought him from Doncaster; he was then sold to another dealer (who I know of through reputation to be cruel to the extreme). This dealer then sold him the girl from whom I bought him. I know that she didn't ride him when she went to look at him, and only saw him ridden in walk and trot... I now know that he will have been sedated for this. (We rode him under veterinary supervision, following treatment, using 10 x ACP - he looked fine). The girl owned him for eight months and had never been able to ride him - he terrified her to the point where she had thrown him in a field and left him. He told you that he was glad that I had bought him, as he didn't know what would have happened to him. He also asked you to tell me that he knew that he had pushed me to the limit. I responded by telling him that I liked a challenge (hence why I bought him), but that I hadn't realised just how much of challenge he would be. I told him that if I'd have known "messed up" he was that I wouldn't have bought him, but that the buck stopped with me. He told you that he knew that I had been under a lot of pressure to get rid of him; he also said that he had heard lots of people refer to him as dangerous. He said that sometimes he frightened himself with how he reacted. All of this is true: my son and husband have both insisted quite strongly that I should get rid of him before someone got seriously injured. Numerous people have classified him as dangerous and unpredictable, and sometimes when Harry has reacted to something he will just stand shaking and looking very frightened. Harry told me that during his life he had been to the "brink" and back, and had thought on a number of occasions that he was going to die. He said that he had had a total mental breakdown and that if I ever wanted him to go that I must not sell him, I must shoot him. I confirmed to him that I had already decided this would be the case if ever I couldn't keep him. I must confirm that when I initially commenced work with Harry it was blatantly obvious that he was in pain. Upon initial examination our vet couldn't rule out kissing spines or an old fracture on his back end. Harry did not move through his back at all, but trotted up fully sound through his limbs. However, the x-rays showed everything to be fine. Harry was excessively sore through his back (something he stated happened in training), so much so we had to have a long-lasting pain killer (that acts for approx. 6 weeks) injected into his back in order to enable the physiotherapist to work on him. His physical problems have long been sorted; his mental problems will take a lot longer. Anne, you told me that you felt very sad and that Harry was by far the WORSE CRUELTY CASE that you had ever come across. You also said that I must not try to ride him at this point, but that he would be rideable again with time and communication. Things have been quite manic recently, but I have managed to put a fair amount of quality time to one side to spend with Harry. Once I have more time to spend with him, I will be back in touch in order to get a step closer to helping resolve Harry's insecurities.

Astounded By Accuracy
Hi Anne, it's been a while since I asked you to speak to one of my son’s horses. When I first made my booking via the internet I did not expect at that point the pin point accuracy that you demonstrated during the conversation. The first time that I gave you any information about Homer was at the start of the telephone conversation. All that I told you was his name, age and how long we had owned him - not much could be pulled from that! HOMER: You translated for him that the past twice that he had been shod he had been unhappy with his feet. He told you that he had felt like he was tripping up and had stopped jumping as a consequence. He asked if he could have his old type of shoe put back on with pads to help when he was jumping (how did you know he was a show jumper). I explained to you that the last twice he had been shod we had tried a natural balance shoe that allows a better break-over at the toe, and that the day after these had been fitted he had stopped in a foxhunter class - which was quite unusual as he had been jumping really well at previous shows (it all started to add up). He then told us that he had heard us discussing taking him to the vet to have him checked out because he had looked short; he even mentioned that he had had some injections for a problem and that we had talked about him having an operation if it had returned. He said that he did not like the injections and had found them unnecessary; he said that he did not require an operation and that he had only bruised his foot in the field when he had tripped and that it would be fine. I was shocked.... everything that he relayed through you was true. We took him at his word, his shoes have now been changed and pads used, and he was fully sound a few days later. You said that he "acted first and thought later" which is him to a tee. He told us laughingly that his solution to all of his problems was to give him more food - he is called Homer after "Homer Simpson" because of his appetite. We have used the argent nit that you recommended for him and this has worked really well. I cannot thank you enough for the information you passed onto us, it really has been invaluable.

No More Huge Vet Bills
Hi Anne it's been a while since you spoke to Bud but I'd just like to let you know how he's been doing. Bud was one of those horses who were constantly getting injured and some of them had been quite serious. He was out of work that often the people on the yard nicknamed him sick note, my local vets all new him as he was their most frequent customer! It got to a point when I rang them I could just say my name and they'd say is it Bud again! His injuries were really so often I just despaired with him. After he'd ripped his side open and skinned his leg from the knee down the thought crossed my mind that it would be kinder to have him put to sleep to save him yet more pain with months on box rest which he absolutely hated. When you spoke to Bud he mentioned all these lumps and bumps and explained that he wasn't clumsy like I'd thought but that he was getting bullied. He said he wanted to be in different field with the babies away from the other horses. Although I'd never seen him being bullied I did as he'd asked and put him in a new field with two foals and another youngster. It's now 18 months on and I'm so pleased to tell you that Bud hasn't had one injury since. I truly believe Bud wouldn't be with us today if you hadn't spoken to him and given me this information. I can't thank you enough Anne for helping us both! Buds quality of life has improved so much and I no longer have the huge vet bills. Thank you so much Anne

Lost Dog Home Safe
thanks so much for all your help on Friday when I lost my dog . I phoned Anne late on Friday night as I was desperate my dog had ran away and after searching for hours and the darkness had got us I phoned Anne for help . She was great , she described exactly where he was and got him to me . She has been spot on with my horses so many times.

A Deeper Understanding
Hi Anne I thought I would drop you a note to let you know how Marcus and I are getting on after meeting you at Fountain Equestrian Centre a week past Friday. Our relationship seems to have reached a new level and I feel a deeper understanding of him and his demons. He in turn seems to be more trusting and happier to work and displaying less anxiety and tension in his day to day work life. I have had him on Argent Nit (drops) for 7 days now and again he seems to have accepted this and seems to be giving him some comfort. Can you let me know the next time you are going to be at Fountain as it may be a good idea for you to see him again and see how he feels things are going. Thanks for all your help and regards Alice

Vet Said There Was No Hope - He Was Wrong
Hi Anne. We spoke about my pony Bob who had more or less been condemned by my vets due to his laminitis. You told me Bob wanted me to give him another chance, and I have. He is a fighter just as you said and has left the vets with egg on their face!! I did all the things you told me to do and more. I have had extensive farriery done and my little angel has rallied around!! Thank you so much for all you did and said to both me and Bob. I would also like to thank you for your words about Colin, the pony I lost at New Year. My loss for him is still very great. Thank you again, Kindest regards, Becky O'Neill (York) xx

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